About Northpointe Motors

Northpoint Motors

A Family-Owned Independent

Northpointe Motors is a family-owned independent used car dealership. Our goal is to provide our customers with affordable cars and reliable transportation by selling and financing top quality previously owned vehicles. To achieve this goal, our company strives to employ motivated and ethical employees and provide them with a stable and supportive work environment. We believe that offering fair compensation and treatment creates and promotes teamwork and success for both the staff and the company.

Northpointe Motor’s mission is to provide our community with affordable cars and reliable transportation by selling and financing top quality used cars in Michigan. We believe our loyalty to our customers and our commitment to providing fair deals and quality service creates a partnership that encourages customers to team with us for their present and future transportation needs.

The Northpointe Difference

First and foremost, the Northpointe Motors difference is our customer-centered approach. Giving you clarity and confidence is our top priority when assisting you with your next vehicle purchase. Focusing on our customer needs before our own, while utilizing over 24 years of experience, allows Northpointe to deliver financing options with the respect you deserve, in an environment where the relationship does not end at the sale…IT JUST BEGINS!

Ongoing careful and cautious training ensures that everyone from our management team through our sales associates treats every person’s private information with the utmost professional care, as we will not sell any personal information no matter what the price. We understand that choosing a dealership to make such a important decision and purchase can be difficult given the overwhelming amount of information available to consumers. We know that most dealerships bombard the public with endless sales and "too-good-to-be-true" financing and payment tactics. We believe that screaming on TV and on the radio about "dream deals" that could never happen gives our industry a bad reputation. The only message you will hear from Northpointe Motors, home of Instant Car Credit, will be those of “Why” and “What” we love about what we are able to do for our customers, from the first time buyer to the experienced vehicle purchaser. You will see the annual announcement about our Celebration Days, which is our way of giving back to our communities through CASH & PRIZE give aways and a magnificent GRAND PRIZE drawing that pays off a current customer’s loan in FULL and is a truly life changing event!

We work to exhaustion matching good people with the correct vehicle, an affordable payment, and the lowest interest rate possible. Establishing and re-establishing credit is our specialty. Hundreds if not thousands of your neighbors have either re-established or established credit at their local Northpointe Motors, home of Instant Car Credit. We spend countless hours working to help lift people up and out of the treacherous tail spin of bruised or damaged credit. We work hand in hand with good people every day showing them how we can help them out with their unique circumstances. Good credit is a must these days and will become increasingly more valuable in the near future. With that in mind we have introduced new ways for you to finance your next vehicle. We have signed up with even stronger banks and local credit unions to ensure we can provide a loan and payment that will set you up for success in less time than before. Going from a zero credit score or a low credit score to what is considered "Good Credit" can be a journey and we want to be able to be there with you every step of the way. Rebuilding credit and establishing credit is what we do best, better than our competitors, and we provide it with a "NO PRESSURE" sales process that ensures we treat every customer as we would like to be treated, allowing us to lay out all the information first so you are confident that you made the right choice.

Northpointe Motors is a locally-owned and locally-managed business. We feel very strongly about supporting local business while putting Northern Michigan residents first. Purchasing from a locally-owned business means your financial decisions are made local, by people just like you who care about the community and the interests of the area. We know that more than 60% of every dollar spent at our Northpointe Motors, home of Instant Car Credit stays and recirculates in our local economy, which is two to three times more than that of a Franchise Box store. We are proud to be able to serve our local community needs and to support Northern Michigan charities. The franchise dealership sends their big profits back to whichever wealthy state or country they are living in that supports their already wealthy community. We are Northern Michigan and we understand how important it is to keep Northern Michigan Dollars here.

The Northpointe Difference also means that we believe that vehicle shopping should be a positive experience wherever you go, and we believe that you should be treated in a way that leaves you ten times happier and more knowledgeable than when you entered the front door of any dealership. We know this is a tall order and most dealerships fail miserably, however, we are confident that Northpointe Motors, home of Instant Car Credit can and will do all of the above with the respect you deserve, and provide the vehicle you need.

Thank you for your time, and please feel free to call us at 231-922-7183 with any questions.