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Written Reviews


“Good Morning Michelle, just getting time to send in a note of thanks. Our experience with North Pointe Motors was amazing! Traveling all the way from West Virginia with much excitement and anticipation to maybe purchase the fine BMW was a bit nerve racking but wow! The drive was well worth it. We love the BMW and the staff at the dealership went above and beyond the call of duty, from the gentleman in service to the gentlemen from the corporate office and yes Mary they were all fabulous! It all started with you Michelle, your honesty, friendliness, willingness to communicate with us daily and your kindness. Having never purchased a vehicle via internet the experience was amazing from beginning to end. Thank you all at North Pointe! We have made new friends that we will keep in touch with and feel comfortable doing business with again.”
Tamara McCoy – Internet Sale

“You have a wonderful group of employees.  You have helped me through very thin water and I really appreciate what you and your employees have done for me.”
Barb Chase – Traverse City

“Thank you for all your help.  You are all amazing!”
Rhianna Kenney – Traverse City

“Your continued ability to find the exact vehicle I am looking for in the right price range continues to amaze me.  The way your entire staff is willing to go the extra mile to ensure my satisfaction will guarantee my future business.  Thank you for making the difficult task of purchasing a vehicle an easy and problem free experience time and time again.”
Patrick – Traverse City

“What a wonderful ministry.  This was the best experience I’ve ever had with a car dealership.  Our sales associate, Nick, was very understanding and helpful.  Our only car had broken down and they arranged for transportation to and from my home, 25 miles away, until my loan was approved the next day.  I felt NO PRESSURE from Nick or anyone else in the dealership.  We were treated with kindness and respect.  Thank you so much Nick.”
Jennifer Briggs – Traverse City

“Did a very nice job helping us out when we needed it.”
Alicia Hewitt – Traverse City

“This is the fifth car I have purchased from you guys.  At no time did I feel pressure or uneasy with the salesmen.  I have recommended people to you and will continue to do so.  Thanks for all your help!  See you next fall.”
Jessica Rowland – Traverse City

“Took no time at all approval.  Got exactly what I wanted.  A++ experience.”
Joe Allen – Traverse City

“I greatly appreciate the help and service I received.  I plan on being a customer for quite a while.  I was helped and treated as a human when no one else would do so.”
Joseph Brocklehurst – Traverse City

“Never had better service”
Kim Dotson & Richard Sigourney – Traverse City

"Thank you so much!" -
Terresa Orman - Traverse City 

"Very friendly, great price, great service!"
Joshua - Traverse City

"Took no time at all to get an approval.  Got exactly what I wanted.  A++ Experience"
Joe, Traverse City

"Walked in with no hope for auto financing, still wanting a nice car and one day later my hope was restored!"
Miranda - Traverse City

"A huge thank you for working so hard and being so patient with me to help me find an affordable car that had enough room, was safe and dependable and all for a payment my family could afford.  You went above and beyond to do all this for a stranger and that surely sets you apart.  Thank you!"

Michelle, I want to thank you for all of the help that you have given to Dan and myself and bring Zane into the picture. The 2 of you have really impressed me and make want to send others to you. Also in the future when I am in the market for a vehicle I will come to you first, that is a promise. The attitude from you and Zane really impressed me greatly and I can’t thank either of you enough. Both of you are very wonderful people. If you care to show this with your boss and I really hope you do I would like that very much. Again thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Marlin Kauffman - Kalkaska

Robert was great and very helpful.  Thanks Robert. 
Lindsey - Traverse City

Went well for me here again.  They were great. 
Christina - Traverse City

Eric was the man!  Great customer service & extremely helpful! 
Justin - Traverse City

Brad was my salesman.  He did a wonderful job.  Great personality and a good businessman. 
Linda K - Gaylord.

“I was very happy with the customer service, and with everyone in the office!  Very happy, and I will be back a.s.a.p to buy my next car.”
Margaret Dunklee – Gaylord

“This is a GREAT place to buy a car.  The service was excellent, and I will return here again to buy my next car”

“I have always been afraid of dealerships until I came to Northpointe.  The staff made it a fun & friendly experience.  I found myself looking forward to making my payment.”
James Sheldon – Kalkaska

“When I come through the door, whether it be to make a payment or, have a questions, there’s always someone there to assist me to the fullest and if they can’t help me they make sure they find someone who can.  We would defiantly buy another vehicle in a heartbeat.”
Sarah Helsel – Kalkaska

“My 98 Ford Explorer is fantastic!  It was in beautiful condition when I bought it and is a trouble free + reliable SUV.  Service from initial shopping to sale to service after the sale is top quality!  I would recommend Northpointe to anyone.”
Jennifer Sharp – Kalkaska

“When we needed a car, they were there for us!  When no one would help us, they were there!  Everyone is always so nice to us every time we come in.”
Tom France – Gaylord

“Got just what I need for the price I can afford.  Vehicle clean and running fine”
Carl Peterson – Gaylord

“I always pay my payment at the Cadillac location.  The staff is excellent + very easy to deal with.  I will buy at Cadillac next time.”
Kimberly Block - Cadillac

“Overall customer satisfaction is great!”
Michael Pickford – Cadillac

“Roy was very helpful with everything and I am very happy that they are going to make the repairs needed on the van.  I will be telling my friends about it.”
Lesley Taylor – Cadillac

“Very helpful sales associates.  They have very good public skills, very good at answering all of our questions.”
Ernest & Nancy Remley – Cadillac

“All associates helped me a million… They’re awesome!  Never happier in my life…”
Robert Tressler

“People were truly interested and concerned for me, not just trying to sell a car.  You totally surprised and amazed me.  Thank you so much for your generosity and your kindness.”
Virginia Bellant

“It was refreshing to deal with people who took the time to help find what my needs were in a vehicle, discuss my situation with me & help problem solve in a professional & personal manner, which was productive.  Looking forward to being a long term customer.”
Carolyn Johnson

“Our sales associate was very friendly, knowledgeable, and ENERGETIC!  He answered all of our questions (and we had quite a few).  We are pleased with our vehicle and even drove it to Boston, Mass. & back the following week after our purchase.  Thanks Northpointe Staff!”
Angela & Mark Theil

“Very happy customer!  Love Northpointe Motors.  Sam is very friendly & knows her customers well!” Melissa Nelson

“Brad was great to deal with.  Very patient and willing to work with just about every bad situation he came across with me.  Would come back!”
Joe Beebe Jr. – Gaylord

“Confronted an unexpected issue with purchased vehicle head on.  Went above and beyond to correct it and “make it right”.  Thank you.”
Rebecca Simmons – Gaylord

“Great help, very satisfied.”
Brian Mills – Gaylord

“Jim was outstanding from the moment we started this process.  Thank you so much.  God bless”
Bonnie Harvey – Gaylord

“I will refer all I know to Northpointe Motors… Treated like family”
Laurie Wilson – Gaylord

“A lot of great people with great attitudes + quick service.”
Patrick McGuffin – Gaylord

“Very friendly staff and very helpful in all aspects.”
Kelly Hammond – Gaylord

“Great place, great service, makes a very happy customer!”
Sharon Babula

“Helped in time of crisis.  Worked hard for me to get in a vehicle.”
Ron Forward

“Brad is one in a million.  His services, hard work + honesty will prove that not all car salesmen are crooks.  Thank you Brad!”
Rebecca Simmons – Gaylord

“Great experience where we got a car and no one else would finance us.”
Steven + Desiree Glenister – Gaylord

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